Review Generation & Reputation Management

Review Generation & Reputation Management should be a major concern for any business in the digital age. With the most common method of finding and validating a business being a web-search, inevitably your web-reviews will make-or-break prospective sales. Your “star rating” is out front in searches – but it is not out of your control. It only takes one or two bad reviews to ding your rating, and angry customers seem to be more motivated to write reviews than happy customers. So, how do you get happy customers to leave reviews? We have the answer!

review generation-reputation management

PBIF provides Review Generation & Reputation Management services that encourage your happy customers to spread the word about your business on the sites that matter. Our solution helps you to ask and remind customers to give feedback, guiding them through the online review process. It gives you a chance to reach dissatisfied customers before they write a negative review so you can solve their problem and get a good review. Nothing can stop all bad reviews, but you can certainly bury them in a pile of good ones!

Features of our Review Generation & Reputation Management Service include…

1 – It sends a review request by email and/or text message with shortcut links to the review platforms you choose.

2 – If the client does not respond – it automatically sends more scheduled requests until they do, usually 3 times. You set the number and schedule of reminders.

3 – The system collects the clients review. If the review is 3-stars or less, it prompts the person to contact you to fix the problem before they leave a bad review.

4 – The system is connected to the review services you wish to track and allows you to see and answer all reviews in one place. No more multiple logins! 

5 – It provides reports on all tracked review activity and the performance of the review requests sent.

6 – It provides an app that places the 5-star reviews on your website so people are less likely to “go to the source” – as they will see all your best reviews from multiple sources.

Boost and simplify generating and managing reviews by using our RMS.

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