What is the single most important piece of advertising?

That’s simple – your Web Presence or Digital Footprint. Why? because (if you haven’t noticed) the world today practically lives on the Internet. Want to find a business or product – Google it. Want to find out more about it – visit their website. Want to find out what people think about it – visit a review source like Google reviews or Yelp. Want to see what your friends think about it – visit social media. Even when exposed to a product on TV or Radio, the first thing people do is look for more info about it on the web. And let’s not forget – if you want to look up a phone number today, where do you go?

If you are in business, you have to pay attention to your web presence to be competitive. No new company can survive today without immediately building an online presence so customers can look you up. If you’re not online – you simply don’t exist in the eyes of the market. And this is more than just having a website, your website has to be optimized to rank in the search engines, you have to be listed in Google Maps, the online Yellow Pages and other listing sites, and then there’s social media integration.

The bottom line is that the advertising landscape has changed. You have to address your web presence first and foremost before you even consider other forms of promotion. This makes web, by far, the single most important piece of advertising for any company.