How to Create Effective Advertising Campaigns

Everyone in business either wants to know or thinks they know how to create effective advertising campaigns. The truth is that every situation is unique and no one approach can guarantee success. Anyone who thinks they know the secret will eventually be proven wrong, as advertising is evolving at an increasing rate. It is necessary to periodically test new technologies and reevaluate old methods. So, how do you advertise and minimize your risk?

Hire a professional!

Okay, you think I’m biased, but it makes perfect sense if you think about it. A company that handles multiple clients in multiple media formats has more exposure to what does and doesn’t work. In essence, you benefit from others mistakes. That doesn’t mean every initiative is guaranteed to be a huge success, nobody can promise that, but it does greatly decrease your exposure to risk. That is – if you listen to the professionals advice!

It’s amazing how often clients insist on sticking to “what worked in the past” or on trying something completely untried and unproven…which is a big part of where we get knowledge to lower your exposure to risk. We’ve tried it all at one time or another and witnessed the outcomes. You really should let a professional guide you to maximize your chances of success.

Are there best practices to create an effective advertising campaign?

Yes. Although every product and service has different advertising needs, there are a set of best practices, here is a list in order of importance.

1 – A compelling website that is Search Engine Optimized (Google being of prime importance), with supporting online initiatives such as YouTube videos and Social Media where applicable.

2 – Online advertising and Search Engine Marketing, such as Google Ads. This is also a good way to gather client interest and behavior data.

3 – Traditional media (listed in order of importance) – TV, Radio, Mass-Mail, and Print. Yes, print is last, as digital media has almost completely supplanted it.

4 – Collateral materials – cards, brochures, POP displays, and display ads where applicable.

My best piece of advice – Leverage the integrated power of Google and YouTube working together, because if you’re not on the first page of Google, in the eyes of the market, you don’t exist!