SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Palm Beach Image Factory embraces all facets of Web promotion, including SEO, Advertising and Marketing. What is the difference…in layman’s terms?

–    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is founded in how a website is built – site code, the text content of the site, the relevancy of links and page titles, the use of keywords relevant to the product/service, the use of relevant video, photos and social media to generate traffic to a website in order to improve its page rank in the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO also includes listings on portal sites, directories and sites that list specific categories of business/product, along with other methods to get the website or product listed and linked-to as often as possible. The page rank of a website in the primary search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) is referred to as its “organic” placement. SEO is the cornerstone of a good web presence and needs to be maintained in order to stay competitive.

–     Web Advertising refers to paid placement in search engines and the purchase of banner ads and video on other websites to generate traffic. This is one part of a Web Marketing campaign and is very helpful to SEO, as links and ad-generated traffic can also boost organic search engine placement. We frequently use the information gathered through web advertising to identify client behaviors to develop stronger SEO strategies.

–    Web Marketing generally includes Web Advertising, SEO, Email campaigns and database generation. Social Media is quickly finding its place as a powerful Web Marketing and PR tool and is becoming one of the leading methods of promotion for some businesses. Web Marketing sometimes includes selling products or services on retail sites or through listing services. Marketing in general encompasses all aspects of promoting a product or service, and every product and service requires unique methods to reach its target market.

At PBIF we believe in generating good organic search engine placement for every client and design responsible long-term web advertising and marketing campaigns to meet each client’s needs and budget. You have to be careful of how you market online. We won’t sell our clients a “flash in the pan” campaign – that’s just what many web marketing schemes are. You don’t want to get a search engine boost today only to suffer a massive loss of ranking tomorrow by trying to game the system. At PBIF our SEO practices are safe, proven and traceable.